Monday, February 24, 2014

Flooring Follow Up

Quick Update - After speaking to our Sales Representative, she discussed our scenario with her management and Ryan Homes is making it right.  They are going to make up the difference between what we had been originally informed and what we came to find out later.

Very Excited that they took care of things and did it so quickly.  We are very happy and ready to get things moving so we can move into our new house!  

Next up is a meeting with the company responsible for the wiring, we are set with two rough in setups for ceiling fans but think we need one more for a nice hanging light in the morning room, and some electirc hookups outsidde the house, as it will be nice to have some power avialable out where our deck will ultimately be installed.

Fun with Flooring

We started the day with a 45 minute drive to the advanced flooring and design location finally a nice day so we were excited as we made our journey, to pick out our flooring.  The location was not easy to find.  GPS got us close but we were in an industrial park with limited signs.  We got lucky and driving down along one of the buildings we saw this small 1'x2' sign for "Design Studio."  

We made the appointment on time, so it worked out ok in that regard.  Upon entering it was a fairly sizable location, but seemed smaller than what I expected.  We were greeted shortly after entering by a friendly lady, who proceeded to take us to the corner of the building, and let us know that this section was the Ryan Homes portion the rest was for other companies.

The layout was a rectangle at one end in front of some windows was a large high table, with laptop out on it, and a few tall chairs.  Along the walls on the left was hangers with carpet samples, and the right was hardwood for samples.  On the back wall across from the table was some tile options on flip panels and some wood spindle samples next to that.  In a recessed section in the front right was some more tile samples.

As the lady from the flooring company started to flip through papers she mentioned our counter had not been selected and should have already been.  She informed us our Sales Representative would have to take care of that as it was not part of what they did for Ryan Homes.  She did have the samples so we were at least able to use then as a guide when looking at swatches of the other items throughout the home.

We felt that we had a head start on things as we had seen some flooring and tile upgrade ideas in a home our sales representative walked us through.  So we had already applied the upgrades to the level she said it was, and as such we expected going in to have no need for further upgrades.  There was a discrepancy between what our SR had indicated and what was listed at the flooring company.  We were upset but pressed on as we really liked the Memories flooring.  This will look great in our Kitchen and morning room.  The item on top will be our kitchen counters.

Second Bathroom and Powder Room Flooring (Another Memories Pattern)

The master bathroom was one of our major focus as we sacrificed the bathroom when we bought our first house, and it was time to have the one we really wanted.  We originally were taken to just a white tile on the back wall, which we were informed was the upgrade level we selected but that wasn't going to work so we asked what else was available.  Once again it was an upgrade we weren't expecting as we came in with the understanding that we had already upgraded to at least a color tile choice.  Pressing on once again we just loved the tile, but were getting more frustrated.
The carpet was a surprise we were shown only five carpet options none with stain guard and all a shade of tan, with most of them more cream than brown.  We were looking for something in a medium brown, but it was not an option in the base level.  The next level up was around $1400 additional which was now was outside our budgeted price range since we had do the unexoected upgrades to the other floors.  

We left a ittle shocked but plan to reach out to our SR and see whats up on how the information was different between when we talked and when we went to the flooring!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A look at the lot

We had the first nice day out since we started the process so we decided to stop by and look at our site.  Great to see it mostly free from snow.  We have a nice wood back drop to the lot!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Building a New Home - Start up!

This blog is a journey my wife and I are taking to build our dream home, we are a little way into the process so this post will be some what of a catch up from our start to where we are at today.

A little background to get us started, we have been in our first home just about 8 years and after one failed attempt to sell and move a few years back, we decided to save up and try again this time without the contingency of having to sell our current house just to be able to do the down payment.

We had been looking at newer homes but not new construction for a while and hadn't found the right home for us, at least not one in the price range.  So we took a look at new construction, which led us to a Ryan Homes site.  We fell in love with the Florence model on our first visit, went home and worked out the numbers.  The next day we began the journey and placed a lot hold on the best lot left in the neighbor hood, only 4 were available.

By the following weekend we were signing the sales agreement, with modest upgrades.  We were really doing this, and getting really excited about it.  The fun part was up next preparing documents for the loan, we received from our sales rep a checklist, so while it was a lot of gathering, the task was not to burdensome.

That next Friday was loan day, my wife and I woke up for the first appointment of the day and made our way over to the mortgage company.  We went with Ryan's affiliated mortgage company NVR Mortgage, based on an incentive in the home price.  Our mortgage sales person was nice, took care of business professionally and expeditiously.   We were out in about an hour and a half and feeling really good about our chances.

APPROVED - just about 10 days later we were approved, still some more papers to get over to them but we have the commitment letter in hand.  We are moving right along in the process.

Now we just need the weather to turn, this has been a brutal winter lots of snow and bitter cold, we need that to turn so we can get started.  Now that you are all caught up I will keep you posted as we go.