Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Plumbing Fixtures Mostly Installed

The previous post took us through the first of three new items we encountered, the laminate floors.  In this post we will continue to look at those items installed last week by taking a look at the plumbing fixtures, well at least the ones that are already in.  Since the kitchen counters are not in and therefore the sink is neither, there is no kitchen plumbing fixtures.

All the plumbing fixture we selected were the base option, no upgrades.  It didn't make a whole lot of sense to us to roll plumbing fixtures into a mortgage and pay for them for thirty years.  Its very easy to fall in love with upgrades of this type as they add some life to the house but, be cautious they do affect the sale price but not the appraised value.  If the appraised value is below the mortgage amount you will run into issues with the mortgage.

In the powder room on the main floor the bathroom features a white pedestal sink with a silver look Moen faucet. The toilet was a little shocking to us as it appears quite small, the back tank is much smaller than what we are used to seeing.  This must have to do with energy efficiency, as it will utilize much less water than older and larger tanks.

Picture of the powder room plumbing fixtures, toilet, sink and faucet.
Powder Room - Plumbing Fixtures

The master bathroom features some of the same plumbing apparatus as the powder room, as it has the same silver look faucet and same toilet.  The sink setup unless you upgrade to the double sink, is a single sink on the outside closet to the toilet with a large open counter on the other side.  The counter top is a porcelain white look.

Picture of the toilet and sink in the master bathroom
Master Bathroom - Sink and Toliet

The master bathroom also features some items not found in the powder room.  There are a few layouts of the bathroom which are the base options as you may remember we choose the double shower. If you choose the garden tub and small standing shower, you will have some extra fixtures not seen here but the shower fixtures will be the same. 

Picture of fixtures in the double shower in the master bathroom.
Master Bathroom - Shower
I love the way the shower all came together, with the tile and bright silver fixtures, it just pops.  In an up close look you can see the bright polished fixture against the deep tones of the tile.

Picture of the shower dial in the master bathroom shower
Master Bathroom - Shower Dial Up Close
The shower head is quite small in size, and might be one of the fixtures that is replaced early on, possibly a detachable one.  We will have to see how the pressure holds up and how good the water flow out of the current one is before we decide.  

Close up picture of the master bathroom shower head
Master Bathroom - Shower Head Up Close
The last place to with plumbing fixtures is the second floor hallway bathroom, it features the same toilet and faucet seen in the two other bathrooms and the same shower head as the master bathroom.  The counter is the same bright white as seen in the master bathroom.

Picture of the hallway bathroom sink and toilet
Hallway Bathroom - Sink and Toilet

The shower dial looks the same as we saw in the master bathroom but it is just above the spigot and overflow setup as seen in your typical tub shower.  The bright silver fixtures are still shiny bright against the white tile on the wall.  These items are definitely ones you can upgrade at a later date in my opinion.

A picture of the hallway bathroom tub fixtures
Hallway Bathroom - Tub Fixtures

The next item up is from our same visit through the house, where we will look at electrical fixtures some of which are base options and some are upgrades.


  1. Looks great! Any chance you could get a wider pic of the master bath? My wife and I also chose the large shower with the linen closet, and haven't really found any good pics of the layout. Thanks

    1. Thanks Frank, You made the right decision and will love the setup, we do! Its really tough to get the whole view of the bathroom in a single picture. I will try to get a panoramic or maybe a video short next time I am in the house. In the meantime check out this page it:


    2. That looks awesome! Thanks so much. I might have to borrow the One Room View concept when our build gets going.

  2. Wow! The bathroom is looking really amazing. The plumbing fixtures all look really snazzy. Thank you for sharing those pictures, as well as that link to the wide-angle pictures of the master bath! I hope you guys are settling in wonderfully on your new home. All the best!

    Lovella Cushman

  3. I believe the shower walls should have Green Drywall and not standards Drywall. Possible violating local building code. You might want to check with your local inspector to verify. Green board is mold and mildew resistant and specifically used in the bathroom. This is water resistant, but not water proof. So, you don't want to use this where there is direct water contact, but it’s great for places above the tile in the shower. In-fact in my home they used regular dry wall in the restroom and now I’m going through and replacing because of mold.

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    1. Thanks John, it's great to hear it was helpful.

  5. I'll join the chorus: thanks for all of these great pictures! We are in the super early stages of our build, and it's really helpful to look at fixtures, finished bathrooms, etc to get an idea of what things will look like. It's also reminding me to ask our SR about certain things you photographed but I'm not sure if they are standard in our area -- doorbell, etc.

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