Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Almost" Final Walk Through

Today my wife and I started out the day with a trip over to our future house for our final walk through.  Well under normal circumstances this might have been the final walk through, but we requested an additional quick walk through the morning of closing.  It was recommended to do so by some of our friends being that there was so many days between this walk through and closing, to ensure everything is in order before officially signing the papers.  That walk through should be quick and easy since we had this one. 

Our closing date is pretty much rock solid at this point this Friday June 20th at 10, at a nearby title agency office.  Our lawyer was in contact with the title agency and NVR Mortgage to secure the final documents ahead of the closing in order to get a jump on reviewing them as well as providing me the number that I will need to show up with at closing.

There have been a few additions to the house since our last look, so lets take a look at them before we go through the procedure of the final walk through.


The closets, pantry and laundry room are supplied with the white wire shelves.  In the pantry the shelves are supported by being screwed directly into the studs along the back wall with a vertical support.  The perpendicular shelves have one end in studs and the other with a brace at intersection with the back wall shelves.  

A picture of the pantry shelves
Pantry Shelves
A picture of the master bedroom closet with shelves.
Master Closet Shelves

Kitchen Final Touches

The kitchen has been finalized all the appliances are hooked up in their respective places and the plumbing is completed.  The kitchen sink is a shallow stainless steel two equally sided sink.  It is topped by a chrome Moen faucet.

A picture of the kitchen sink.
Kitchen Sink

The left side sink features a 1/4 horsepower garbage disposal, this is not standard option in most Ryan Homes unless its mandated to be included by the town as it was in our instance. You can get this as an upgrade if it doesn't come standard, and I would recommend getting one. If you never had one, it is a great option as it allows the evacuation of table scraps or unused food products without having them stink up your garbage or attach animals to your garbage cans.

A picture of the garbage disposal
Garbage Disposal

Banisters and Railings

The banisters and railings ship to the house and are installed unfinished and are stained to match hardwood floors or cabinets in the house.  The final product looks fantastic and we are so happy we went with the full banister setup instead of the partial wall or the customized.

A picture of the finished railing on the basement stairs.
Basement Stairs Railing
A picture of the finished banister and railing at the bottom of the stairway to the second floor.
Banister and Railing to Upstairs

A up close picture of the finished banister
Banister Close Up
Bathroom Finishing Touches

We have seen most of the bathroom work had been completed but there was a few finishing touches necessary to complete them.  The final steps are to install towel and toilet paper holders, and in the case of the double shower the shower door.  The fixtures are simple not to flashy, but go with the general silver look. The towel rack is one bar with rounded ends and has one in each bathroom.  We went out an bought back of the door racks that we will put up upon moving in for general use towel holding, leaving the single rack available for hand towels. 

A picture of one of the towel racks
Towel Rack
The toilet paper holder is simple design as well with the same rounded ends that match the towel holder.  The center is you typical plastic piece that shrinks to allow for the paper roll to be added or removed.  In the upstairs hallway bathroom the toilet paper holder is attached to the vanity.

A picture of one of the toilet paper holders
Toilet Paper Holder
The shower door in the double shower of the mater bathroom is a glass and metal design with the door closest to the front of the shower.  It is not a slider but a swinging door which swings from the middle out towards the front of the shower.

A picture of the installed shower door
Shower Door
A picture of the completed master bathroom
Completed Master Bath
Front Door

As you may remember from earlier post the front door always ships in white and is painted on location after it is installed.  Our door color is black fox, which completes the three color setup that is designed by Ryan Homes, Irish Thistle siding and berry shutters completes the pattern.

A picture of the painted front door.
Painted Front Door

The final outside item is the sod on the front yard, laid up to the front corners of the house and the rest is seeded and fertilized.  The sod looks great and will be the best lawn I ever owned once we move in.  Now it will be up to me to make sure it maintains itself that way.

A picture of the completed house viewed from the front
Completed Front View
The front yard is is long across the front which leaves us plenty of room to add additional landscaping, the spot in the very front left of the yard will ultimately be home to a pink flowering dogwood tree, my wife's favorite.

A picture of the front left corner of the completed house
Completed - Left Front Corner View
The front right is the shorter side of the property from the house to the end of the property line, but it is still much further than our current house.  When added up the space on the two sides of the house is about the same width of our current lots entire front.  Lots more yard work, but it will be worth it as it looks great.

A picture of the front left corner of the outside house
Completed - Right Front Corner View
I will follow up with an additional post on the results of the walk through and later a post the final results of the closing.


  1. We are building a Rome with Ryan in SC. Our house will have the exact same color scheme as you, so it is really nice to see it in photos all pulled together. My husband was a little nervous about the berry shutters, he was afraid they'd be too purple, but he loves the way they look on your house. Good luck with closing!

    1. Thanks Marissa, we are very excited it's only 13 hours to closing now. You will not be disappointed with the color scheme, it's the best they have. The berry really pops against the thistle, and looks even better in person. I will try to get a close up so you can see even better, it's not too purple.

  2. I linked to your blog and shared your exterior photos on my blog (giving you full credit, and citing you as my source, of course!) Thanks so much for posting those photos, and then ones of your master bath. We also choose the same listello (great minds think alike, right?) and its nice to see it all come together. Enjoy your new house!

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