Monday, May 12, 2014

Catch up - Siding and More

My wife and I were away on vacation which is why there was a small hiatus in my postings. Our Sales Representative, Jackie, was nice enough to offer to take a few pictures of the progress while we were away. The nice part of this is she was able to capture pictures while the work was happening since she is in the area during the day, while the work is going on.

Right before we left the house was just about getting ready to be sided.  We selected Irish Thistle siding, with Berry shutters and a Black Fox door.  The Irish Thistle siding is a greenish grey color, depending on the light it will show more green than gray, in the pictures here its shows more on the gray side. The door color we picked was Black Fox as mentioned above but in the pictures the door is white. This is quite normal as all doors are delivered white and painted the selected color once installed.  The first picture Jackie took for us, is looking at the front of the house as the siding contractors are working.

Siding Going On Front View
As you can see they work with scaffolding around the side of the house without the garage roof.  The scaffolding is attached to the roof and braced on metal polls.  The next picture Jackie sent is a view from the other side of the house giving a look of the side wall and front of the house.

Siding Going on Side Angle View
If you look closely at the above two pictures you can see the trees have begun to sprout leaves, the back yard is mostly wooded and gives a nice back drop for house.  A few days after Jackie had sent over the first set of exterior photos she sent a few additional ones.  On the day of the second batch of pictures it was the day they were delivering the sheet rock for the house.   The sheet rock comes in large sheets looks like 12 foot by 4 foot sections, and bundled in 10 sheet sets.  These must weigh a ton so the delivery is assisted by a truck with built in crane.  In the first picture you will see the truck situated on the street approximately 25 feet from the front of the house.                    
Sheet Rock Delivery
A second view is a close up of the boom arm moving the sheet rock bundle through the upper window, which is situated at the top of the stairs.  As you can see from the picture they pulled out the window panes to allow a wide enough opening for the sheet rock to be delivered directly to the upstairs.  My guess is this was repeated a number of times with them also moving some through the front door in a similar manner, as well as some directly into the garage.

Sheet Rock Delivery
In the second picture you can see the shutters have been added and some borders around the front door and on top of the downstairs windows.  It was great of Jackie to take some pictures for my Wife and I, while we were away.  There was a bunch of progress which we would have missed out on had we not had these pictures.  Today was the pre-drywall walk through which I will be posting tomorrow.  Lots of pictures with that one!

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