Thursday, May 22, 2014

Electric Service Connected

On the way out the door from the pre-drywall meeting the electric company had arrived and began installing the buried line from the street up to the house.  In speaking with Bob they will run both the electric line and the cable lines when they have the trench open.

Picture of utility company running electric and gas line
Utility Company
The utility company utilized a backhoe to trench out from the house down to the connection.  The trench was about 3 feet deep and ran up to the garage side of the house.  Under normal circumstance the crew will trench out and run the line but not install the meter.  In this case however they had the meter with them and were going to connect the electric service.  

Picture of trench with buried electric and cable lines..
Trench up against the house
The importance of getting the service connected and activated is the workers have a much easier time as they don;t need to bring in generators for each day of work.

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