Friday, May 16, 2014

Pre-Drywall Meeting - Part 1

The pre-drywall meeting is the home buyers chance to see the things behind the walls before it is closed up and have a walk through of the interior of the house where the you can ask questions to the project manager about the different elements of those behind the wall items.  In the walk through my wife and I took, I took a number of pictures so I am breaking down the posts into a couple different sections.  This first post will take a look at the progress on the outside of the house as well as some views of the yard.  In a subsequent post we will take at the rooms inside and then a post taking a closer look at the items in the walls, like electrical and plumbing.

Pre-Drywall - The House Outside

At the time the drywall is ready to go up the outside of the house itself is at a point where it is pretty much completed.  There is more exterior work to go but most of those things are the items which are held to the end so that the work is not destroyed as the workers move in and out of the house. 

Front View with Siding Up

The siding is mostly completed, and I initially thought it was left that way purposefully to allow the utilities to be added without damaging the siding, but as we talked with Bob he mentioned that the siding was not finalized because they didn't have enough to finish and would be getting more to finalize.

A little work left to do

We braved the unfinished hill to move around to the back of the house to get a look at that angle.  The basement in the back is pretty close to being fully exposed in the back.  This leaves a large drop off for the sliding doors exiting off the morning room, which can be seen in the following picture.  Additionally are the windows from the family room on the bottom, the master bedroom windows on top and a small square window in the master bathroom window on the upper side.

Back Side of House

Pre-Drywall - The Yard

The landscaping is not done yet, but the trees are starting to grow there leaves.  We purchased a premium lot, which has a large lot for the area and the back is wooded.  There will need to be some clearing to make the most of the large lot but its nice and secluded feeling.  Here is a look at the back yard from the ground.

The Yard - A Look from the Ground

Its hard to tell from the picture where the lot ends, especially since the survey stakes are not in, but it is 75 feet back from the corner of the morning room and closer to 90 feet back from the other corner of the house.  We have 25 feet of space on the left side of the house and 18 on the right.  This is a crazy compared to our current house as it feels like you can reach out the window and touch the neighbors.

The next view is from the master bedroom back windows, looking down on the yard.  Its tough to tell in the picture but its almost three stories up due to the high foundation in the back.  On the right side you can see the morning room roof.  You can't see in those morning room gutters there is already build up from the trees, gutter guards are going to be a must for us, especially before fall comes and the trees all shed the leaves.

The Yard - A Look from Above

In the next post we will be venturing inside the house and get a look at the rooms before the walls get closed up with drywall, and then an up close look at the wiring and plumbing behind the walls.

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