Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carpeting Round Two

It would have been tough for us to be happy with the carpet we had previously chose.  So we decided to look for a darker color one level up, it's going tos cost us some but there is so much carpeting in there if we didn't like us we would be forced to pull it up and replace just after closing.

Our sales representative reached out to the flooring company, a few days back and asked for pictures of the darker brown options from the level B collection.  When we hadn't heard back yesterday I decided to call over directly to the flooring company.  Once I connected with her, she was very helpful, and immediately sent over a picture of the original darkest base carpetting we had selected previously, and the two darker options in the level B.

My wife and I looked at the picture and were pretty settled on the darkest color.  To finalize it, I decided to take a drive up, which was a little out of the way, about 45 minutes, my wife couldn't make it since she had to work, but I brought up my good digital camera to get better pictures.

Upon arriving, the flooring consultant was with another group, but quickly helped me out by providing the samples. The color comparision is very clear to see from this picture i took.  the top is the darkest base option available, which seem will easily show any minor stains, and seems to have a pinkish tone to it.  The bottom is a dark brown in the level B, color is called coffee.


Our sellection, with a 10 year warranty up from 5 years that came with the base model, and also it has stainmaster, to help repel stains which will be good since we have a animals.

The one extra picture i took was the new carpet up against the flooring we selected to see how it will look next to each other.

We are getting close to the pre-construction meeting with the sales representive and our project manager.

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