Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting Set

The date is on the calendar for our pre-start meeting, where we will meet the Ryan Homes' Project Manager (PM) who will guide our house from the empty lot we saw in the previous post into the next house my wife and I will call home.

There are three new foundations in the neighborhood including the house which will be our immediate neighbor on the left.  The lot on the right was still not sold last we were over at the model, but I think it will move soon.  Well we hope it moves soon as it's one of the last lots and once the final homes are done the construction equipment will depart the neighborhood and the top coat on the road will go in and the neighborhood will be all finalized.

We made a few recent small adds to the house, including a spot light for the back yard and a outlet on the back where we will build a deck, need to have power to get the deck all decked out!

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