Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wiring Consult

Today was our consultation with the wiring and security company, the representative was very nice individual, who met us at the model home early this morning.  There was a number of options available including phone, data, television, sound and security.  The representative was very thorough and knowledgeable, but we had only a limited budget for this area, so we only did some minor upgrades.  We went with a wiring to support a wall mount TV, and a couple data points as well as some extra cable hook ups.

Simple but to the point, on a side note today we also added a spotlight we plan to put up on the back of the house.  This will be great to help light up the back yard as its pretty big and has the woods in the back.  The supplied back door light probably wouldn't cut it.  

We had travelled through Lowes last weekend which got the creative juices flowing, so we also added an additional rough in for electric connection in the center of the morning room, which we plan to put a subtle chandelier over the table that will beout there.

Things should be heating up now, we learned the delivery date has moved in with a end of June target in from mid-July.  Its going to get crazy quick.

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