Monday, June 2, 2014

Laminate Flooring Installed

In the latest visit there is as many updates as ever before on a single visit.  It has been really busy preparing for the move at our current house and a really busy time at work so I haven't been able to visit as much to the site as I would like.  My wife and I have been making it out on the weekends though. Two more weekend visits and then the next weekend we will have already closed if the schedule holds true and we close of June 20.

The laminate flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures have been been installed, lets take a few posts and look at them in that order.

There are a number of locations which come with laminate flooring as the base option.  These consist of the foyer, bathrooms, kitchen, dinette, laundry room and morning room.  We upgraded the tile in the master bathroom which upgraded us to the ceramic tiles which we already saw in the bathroom tile post.  The remainder of the rooms we stuck with the laminate.  We upgraded all of the remaining rooms except the foyer, as you may remember from the flooring post.

The base model laminate looks like textured tile, but doesn't have actual texture.  We stuck with the default level in the foyer, selecting pattern called initiator 66181, to save a few dollars knowing that its such a small area if we needed to replace it with a hardwood or Pergo flooring later it would not be an over abundance of cost involved.  Well as it turned out the flooring looked a lot better there than I had expected.  It was covered by cardboard and an upside down sheet of extra laminate to protect it so I had to pull back the cover to get a picture.

Picture of the installed flooring in the foyer
Foyer - Laminate Floor
In the powder room and the upstairs bathrooms we selected one of the memories pattern 62943, which is in level C.  It is a tan textured tile look, with actual texture in the laminate.  The grout lines are beveled and in the tile squares themselves there is grooves and textures to add to the depth of the pattern.  Rather than have the same flooring throughout the house it made sense to us to pick a slightly different pattern for these two rooms.

Picture of the flooring in the powder room.
Powder Room - Laminate Floor
The same pattern has a slightly different look based on the lighting as you can see in the following picture from the upstairs featuring the same floor as the above picture.

Picture of the hallway bathroom flooring
Hallway Bathroom - Laminate Floor
The remaining floor which covers the kitchen, dinette and morning room is a different memories pattern also level C, numbered 62942.  This flooring was the one we saw in one of the houses being built when Jackie our Sales Rep took us through to see some of the closer to finished work and get ideas for our flooring.  This features the same texturing as the other memories pattern, just in a slightly different color.  This is another one that has different color base don the lighting, but I guess that is true for any color.  We can see when the natural sunlight hits the floor through the slider doors in the morning room there is one color.

Picture of the morning room flooring
Morning Room - Laminate Flooring
When we are further back all the way by where the refrigerator will ultimately reside there is a slightly different color.  I would highly recommend the memories pattern if your budget allows for the 2 level upgrade.  If not stick with the base level as the level B options we saw were not as nice as what were available in the base.

Picture of the kitchen flooring
Kitchen - Laminate Flooring
Coming up next, more views from the same visit, as we will look at plumbing fixtures that are installed to date.


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