Monday, June 2, 2014

Bathroom Tile Work

As the progress occurs now its an everyday something more gets added each day.  On our last visit through the house we were surprised that the tile work for the two upstairs bathrooms had been completed.  If you remember back to the post about flooring we had upgraded the master bathroom tile originally to level B but upon arriving at the flooring company we found out level B was not what we thought.  

The base level option Level A is small square white tile, which you will see a little later in this post when we look at the hallway bathroom.  It was our thought based on some conversations we had that Level B allowed for a fancy textured tile, we came to find out that was not true. Level B is just a larger white tile, with an off-white option as well.   

Level C does provide for a large number of options from which we choose one of the latest additions to the selection list, Heathland.  We loved this option when we saw it in the flooring showroom and we couldn't wait to see in in actual application.

Picture of tile sample named Heathland
Tile Sample - Heathland 
Well the time has come for that very look.  The Square large 12 inch by 12 inch tile will make up the flooring of the master bathroom while the rectangular one, 9 x 12, will make the walls of the shower and contain the mosaic accent.  In the actual application under different lights it appears the tile is a little darker.  This could be the lighting or the fact that the work was not complete since you can see the grout dust still on the wall.  I didn't notice the color difference until looking at the above picture of the tile sample versus the up close of the actual application below.

Picture of the master bathroom wall tile up close
Master Bathroom Shower - Tile Closeup
The double shower looks fantastic with the fancy tile of Level C, it really brings the bathroom to life and provides a great selling point to the house.  As we all know kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that finalize the deal in housing.  You will have options to add additional tile shelving, but we decided not to go with that option. The shower without that option will still have a soap dish as seen in the below picture.

Master Bathroom - Shower
Master Bathroom - View from the Doorway
The tile in the shower reaches to within six inches of the ceiling, I would have preferred for it to have reach all the way to the ceiling, but this must not be the design.  I think it will certainly be one of the things I mention on the post delivery survey.

The floor tile was laid down as well, but covered by a cardboard layer to keep it as clean and pristine as there was a small section not covered for which I took a quick picture.

Picture of the Heathland flooring tile.
Master Bathroom - Floor Tile

Out in the hallway bathroom, the tile is only in the shower as we stuck with the base option, which includes a vinyl floor and small white tiled shower.  The tiles are the standard 6 inch by 6 inch tile, inside the shower, just shy of the ceiling.  There is a simple white soup dish on the side wall of the shower.  Below is a picture of the shower, sorry for the poor quality with the shadow caught on the bottom.

Picture of white tile in shower of the hallway bathroom
Hallway Bathroom - Shower Tile
Next up will be laminate flooring, electrical and plumbing fixtures.


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