Friday, June 13, 2014

Final Walk Through Officially Scheduled

Hectic is the only word I can describe, I can't imagine what it must be like for people who are moving from their current house to the new one and have to close on the same day.  My wife and I are surrounded by boxes now, as we have been working on packing up every weekend and some nights after work.

We heard word from Bob, our project manager, that we are all set for Monday June 16 final walk through. For all you Ryan Home Buyers or prospective buyers this next set of information is for you.  The paper work from settlement and title agency are going to be cryptic, make sure to call and ask questions as soon as you are provided your settlement coordinator and title agency representative.  

About a month ago we received a message stating "Now is the time to contact utility companies and prepare to switch them over", well after talking to the settlement coordinator, this should not be done until a few days before closing, once the date is settled and finalized.  This way you don't end up having them switched too early.

Additionally you will be getting Title insurance information, review this close there will be a list of items it does not cover, be sure you know what you are getting and what you are not.  One of the last items you get is a survey of the property with the house drawn on, keep this and save it, as you will need this when its time to add a deck, patio, shed or fence to get town permits.  Without this you very well may be getting a surveyor out there to redo it.

Now that we have moved into the final week before closing the time to do a lot of posts diminishes, but I will do my best to post through it all and even afterwards.  One thing I am doing to help you visualize the build better is pages that capture each room through each phase, picture only view of the house.  I hope this helps you if you are looking to buy a Florence and want to see a particular room through the whole build.

I calling this series One Room View, and have the master bathroom page completed.  Check it out here.

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