Monday, June 2, 2014

Some Issues Arise

We are closing in on our closing, things are really shaping up as you have seen by the progress in the recent posts.  On a recent visit to the home, we ran into a few things that were upsetting to us.  We were visiting with the Sales representative, since it was over a holiday weekend, but the issues need to be handled by our project manager, so we had to wait until after the long weekend.  I left Bob our PM a message with the following items.


  1. The most major issue we encountered was the windows of the morning room not being level against the ones next to them.  It became very evident when they put the windows sills on that the three windows were not leveled against each other.  The biggest issue we had was the sub-contractors didn't do a single sill like in the model home but rather separated it into three. It didn't look good at all 
  2. There was a spill in the family room area a little slippery as the liquid looked to be more of a paste than just liquid.
  3. We found cigarette butts laying around the inside of the house.
  4. Some other minor scuffs in the sheet rock and one of the doors.


  1. Bob and one of his assistants were able to go in and fix the headers, top of the window indent.  It appears the person who did the spackling was a little heavy handed on the one end and lighter on the other end.  So Bob snapped a chalk line and pull out some of the spackle on the low end and get them aligned in the top. 
  2. Bob said he believed it to be water spilled while the drywall contractors were wet sanding. This could be possible, and maybe it mixed with the spakle dust causing the pasty type consistency.  We will monitor this to see what it looks like before the rug goes down to make sure it has dried and is not an issue.
  3. Bob said they are not supposed to be smoking in the houses.  We have been back since and there are new cigarette butts in the house.  In our opinion this is unprofessional and rude as the smoke permeates things especially drywall.
  4. We will watch this as these are the types of things the PM lets you know up front will happen, but just give them time it will all be fixed up before closing.

I will be sure to update this page as new information becomes available.  The key to this whole process is to stay on top of things and visit with your PM or Sales Rep often especially once they start working inside. The sooner you see it and bring it up the better and easier the fix will be.

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