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Electrical Fixtures Installed and Functioning

The next set of items up in the installation are the electrical fixtures there are a whole lot of them so we will move through them in two sections the first showing the outdoor fixtures and then we will take a look into the indoor ones.

Outdoor Electric

The standard outdoor electric on the Ryan Homes Florence Model is three light fixtures and two electircal outlets.  There is two lighting fixtures in the front of the house one on the corner of the house near the garage and one next to the front door.  The fixtures themselves are the same in those two locations.  The default fixture is nice a globe with spire on top and bottom.

A picture of the front door light fixture.
Front Door Light Fixture

The light fixture at the backdoor is much simpler in design than the front ones.  It does have the same dark metal finish but is a small rectangle fixture, a little larger than a standard light bulb.  The back door is much higher off the ground elevation so the angle on my picture is not that great but it gives an idea of the look of the fixture.

A picture of the backdoor light fixture
Backdoor Light Fixture
The two electrical outlets which come standard on the house are one next to the front door and one on the back corner of the house, behind the kitchen if you don't have the morning room and on the back wall of the morning room when you have that option.  They are your typical outdoor outlets covered from the elements with a plastic case.  We decided to get an additional outlet added to the back of the house on the wall behind the family room.  This is where we will ultimately be building our deck and it will provide us electric out there.

A picture of an electric outlet on the outside of the morning room
Outdoor Electric Outlet - Corner of Morning Room
 In addition to the extra electric outlet we added one additional element a flood light for the back yard.  Our yard is a big wooded lot and we thought the standard small fixture next to the back sliding door would not provide enough light should we need to light up the back yard for our dog to go out and my wife's parents have one on there house which works well there so we added it.  I highly recommend this option, as to add it later would be tricky since the light switch location would be next to the door and that's a long way to run power after the walls are closed up.  Ask your Sales Rep for the options cost list early in the process if not before signing so you can get an idea about all the upgrades, this one was not overly expensive and its highly functioning.

A picture of a flood light on back of the house
Flood Light

As you can see there was one nice thing about the flood light install, Bob mentioned they put it in right next to the upstairs window so bulb replacement didn't require a ladder.  A good thing since ladders are not my favorite.

Indoor Lighting

We have already seen the electrical hub of the house in the behind the walls posts, and now we will start to look at the connections on the inside that are connected to that box.  We will look at the different types of fixtures, most of which are standard base model as replacement of them will be easy later on.

First up lets look at the indoor lighting.  The one light fixture we noticed which stood out from the rest was the one in the foyer on the ceiling just inside the front door.  It is a bowl separated from the ceiling, we were expecting the standard ceiling dome here which we planned to replace, but now seeing this we may be able to wait a little longer.

A picture of the foyer light fixture
Foyer Light
There are two types of dome lights in the house the ones in open rooms and the ones in large closets like the master closet and pantry.  The lights in the open area are domes with a silver ring at the base butted directly up against the ceiling.  The ones in closets are simpler design a white ring with a muffin top dome of frosted glass.

The fancy dome light is located in the downstairs hallway between the living room and family room, as well as two of them one directly at the top of the stairs and one further down the hall closer to the master bedroom entrance.
A picture of light fixture used in the open areas of the house
Fancy Dome Light

The not as fancy version found on the ceiling of the pantry and one the wall just above the doorway of the master bedroom walk in closet.  The same fixture one installed on the vertical and one on the horizontal.

A picture of the simple dome light fixture used in closets
Basic Dome Light
The bathroom light fixtures has the silver look, in the master bathroom it is slightly larger than the ones in the other two bathrooms.  The master bathroom features a four light design with frosted glass cones over each socket.  The other bathrooms are the same fixture but only two lights

A picture of the light fixture in master bathroom
Master Bathroom Light Fixture
If you remember in some of the previous posts we discussed the kitchen lighting, and how we upgraded the lights from the standard long florescent fixture to recessed.  The lights we working this time so we were able to get a look at them all lit up.  They installed the new energy efficient bulbs in there so it take a minute or two for them to warm up, and actually shine bright.

A picture of the recessed lighting in the kitchen
Lights On Kitchen Recessed Lighting

One thing we found out is the house has an unbelievable amount light switches.  Since we added the rough ins that they install two switches to each, there is even more.  It will take a while to figure them all out, might need a p-touch to get us started. 

Other Indoor Electric Features

A lot of electrical powered items are throughout the house besides the lighting.  The first item is a door bell, which is situated on the wall in hallway between the living room and family room.  Its simple white box affixed to the wall.
A picture of the doorbell
Door Bell
Just down the hall from the door bell just near the end of the hallway wall where the stairway banister starts is the thermostat for the house.  The Florence is a one zone house and it is all operated from this device.  An electronic thermostat.  A Honeywell device also in white, it was set to 66 the day we visited, guess it gets hot working inside as the summer approaches.

A Picture of the thermostat in the house
You may have remembered seeing a lot of duct work in some of the posts before the walls went up, some of that was set for bathroom exhausts.  Each bathroom is equipped with an exhaust fan that sends the air out the house.  Its a white cover with two sets of slats separated by a wider plastic center. 

A picture of one of the bathroom exhaust fans
Bathroom Exhaust
The final electrical item is featured in a number of locations and provides safety for the house.  It is hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, found upstairs, downstairs and in the basement.  The good thing about these devices is you never have to change batteries, but the bad thing is if you burn something on the stove you may not be able to turn it off until you clear all the smoke out.
A picture of one of the house's smoke detectors
Smoke Detector

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