Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A "Hole" lot of difference a Day Makes

About two o'clock this afternoon, I recieved a call on my cell phone from a number which I didn't recognize, I often don't answer calls like that, but today I felt lucky and decided to answer.  It turned out to be Bob the PM from Ryan Homes, calling with some information.  He informed me the permit to build from the town had come through yesterday.  I was shocked as he had said it could take up to two weeks when we had met just the other day.  "Very exciting news," I replied and as I began to ask the next logical question, "When will we be getting started," he had already begun his next sentence, " and the hole is dug for the foundation."  Now I was really shocked, what we thought was going to be another couple week wait had turned into a one day wait.

Bob let me know they would be in tommorow to frame out the footing to pour in the concrete, any with any luck they would have that inspected by Friday morning.  If the inspection occurs and passes it would allow for the foundation to be poured on Friday afternoon.  If not then we could expect the footing to be poured on Monday, the day which we were originally scheduled to start digging.  We are starting out ahead of schedule.

After work I decided to take a ride over to the site a get a look at the hole in the ground.  Here is how it looks.

One Big Hole in the Ground

There is some pitch from the front to the back of the property, which can be seen in the picture above  by looking at the back of the hole and seeing it is not being that deep, maybe two to three feet maximum. This makes sense based on Bob telling us there would be a 6 foot difference between first floor and ground where morning room door will be situated.

Before leaving I wanted to take a picture to compare the lot when we first saw it to now on the same angle and it's already looking different, as you can see below we are looking at a pile of dirt, who would of thought moving some dirt would signify such a significant step in one's life.

Dirt Pile

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