Friday, April 18, 2014

Lot taking Shape

This Tuesday was a day full of rain, I didn't travel out to the site at all as I figured there would not be any progress since we are still on all outdoor work.  This was the day for the foundation and waterproofing inspection, but we lost the first day of the build.  Not to worry much we are still tracking ahead of schedule overall so the one day will not significantly alter the final delivery.

I took a stop by after work on Wednesday, there was no noticeable progress on the site, but I could see there was an updated inspection sticker on the site sign.  It seems the inspection happened on Wednesday and it was approved.   This meant the backfill would be Yesterday.  

Thursday happened much like Wedensday, a day of work a early evening visit to the site.  This time it was clear they had backfilled the lot.  The dirt was filled in along the angle of the waterproofing on the left side and along a small blue line chalked from the end of the waterproofing along the garage on the right.

Left Side View

Right Side View

The pile of dirt which had adorned the front of the lot since the foundation hole was dug out has been leveled out and pushed in around the foundation.  Large stones lay where the driveway will ultimately be poured.

Front View

Its all shaping up moving along at a rapid pace.  Today I received the weekly scheduled call from Bob.  I wasn't able to answer but in his message he let me know that Monday the slabs for the basement and garage would be poured, and possibly inspected.  He also said framing could start as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  That is crazy, I had the idea the the foundation needed to sit for 2 weeks prior to framing, but I guess not.  I will have to follow up with him on Monday!

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