Saturday, April 5, 2014


Below the foundation the first building blocks from which the foundation will sit is the footing providing a stable platform from which the house will sit and help reduce the amount of settlement the house will experience over time.  I was unaware of this prior to starting this whole building experience, but found this to be an key to a strong foundation.  On Friday the footing for our Ryan Homes Florence model home received approval and was poured.

Florence Footing

Your looking at the front door and living room area in the immediate foreground.  Behind it will be the powder room and family room. In the back right you can see the morning room jetting out the back of the house.  The kitchen area is hidden by the area here in the front right which will be the garage.

Next up is the house foundation, which Bob (PM) said should be starting up early next week.  We are still ahead of schedule so things are going good on the construction side.

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