Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Day's Work

On my visit yesterday, no work had progressed, at least no visible work.  My guess was the inspection of the foundation and slabs had not been completed, so they were not able to take the next step.  I got out of work at the normal time during rush hour, all previous trips during this time of day had some but never heavy traffic.  Today was different about half way to the new house the traffic ground to almost a complete stop.  I I slowly crawled along, I considered ditching out for the night and just heading home. I didn't end up doing that, and continued to press on.  The traffic cleared up, turns out there was a road closed for some type of construction and the a little further along an accident.  Once I was passed both of those areas the ride was smooth with the same traffic I had seen previous nights.

I pulled up the block and much to my amazement the house had taken shape, in one days time they had the entire first and second floors framed.  This is the advantage of having the frame built offsite and shipped in! If you remember the large pile of wood out front of the property.  The pile is gone and a house now stands in its place.

Mostly Framed

The longer day has let them work a little later into the night, and it looked like they were working hard to get all the roof trusts in before calling it a day.  They were working in a four man team, two in the rafters and two on the ground.  One guy was working on walling off the end pieces of the roof, and the other guy was operating a large forklift. The man working the forklift steered the completed piece up from the ground to the rafters where the two men working up there moved in to position in precisely on the corner.

Putting Up Roof Support

Once they had moved it to its place, the two men in the rafters hammered it into rest of the frame.

Attaching Roof Support

Once they had nailed the piece in to the house frame, the forklift operator slowly backed away reducing pressure on the orange straps which connected the piece to the forklift.  He retracted the fork and drove forward to the front of the house where he got out and started to assist the other man working on the ground finish framing the same piece for the other side of the house.

Preparing Other Side

I didn't want to wear out my welcome as I know they were trying to finish up for the night, but my guess is they were going to repeat the actions from the right side on the left side and get that piece up to the house before calling it quits for the night.  As I pulled away I came to grips that this is moving so fast now, and it is not going to be long before we are finalizing everything and going to closing.  Well not tomorrow but soon, tommorow I think they will be putting the roof in over the garage.

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