Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Welcome to the Neighborhood

After a rainy Monday to start the week the weather cleared up early afternoon on Tuesday.  I decided to stop by the site to get a look.  There was limited progress, a pile of rocks had been delivered and you could see the receipt for the stone laying in the middle of the pile.  You can't blame the crew for the weather and they are still ahead of schedule, so no big deal.  The process has a whole lot of moving pieces as the lot looks much different than when we first saw it.

That's quite a bit of stone, I can only assume it will be used as a base for the foundation to fill in the dirt in the center of the footing, I will see if I can find out next time I talk to Bob.

Even though there was not a whole lot of progress to see, I did get to meet the owners of the house across the street from our lot.  They were very friendly, we talked for a little more than a half hour, about the neighborhood, their experience with the build, energy costs, and some friendly chatter.

I was very happy to hear that their experience with the build was great, and Bob, who was their PM was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process.  Bob's reputation continues to grow.  He received  rave reviews from our Sales Rep, Jackie as well.  It seems the people are what makes the whole process go smooth, and so far we have been lucky on the sales and build side as Jackie and Bob have been solid.

The other great thing to hear was the Energy Star efficiency on the house is the real deal.  You hear the sales side and high level information in the preconstruction meeting but to hear it from a consumer it really hits home.  When my wife and I started looking at larger houses, I always wondered how much more we would be paying for heating and cooling, but based on my conversation we may not have to worry too much.

The neighbors have gone above and beyond by taking some pictures of the process which will be fantastic as they will be able to catch some things that I might miss.  I thought it was wonderful of them to do that and I can't wait to see what they have captured.  I should have left them my email so they could send them over, guess I need to add to remember for next time.

Great neighbors make the neighborhood, so I am happy to have met them!

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